CIRCOR Aerospace
CIRCOR Aerospace

The primary focus of CIRCOR Aerospace products group is fluidic control and undercarriage components and subsystems in the aerospace markets.

Mission Statement

We are the customer-focused global provider of control solutions and services for critical aerospace applications.

The CIRCOR Aerospace Companies

CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc.
CIRCOR Aerospace Inc. holds heritage brands Aerodyne Controls, Circle Seal Controls and Loud Engineering & Manufacturing with a legacy of over 60 years. CIRCOR Aerospace CA Fluid Control fact page,
CIRCOR Aerospace CA LGR fact page, CIRCOR Aerospace NY fact page

CIRCOR Bodet offers 25 years in the achievements in precision mechanical, electromechanical and hydraulic components and sub-systems. CIRCOR Bodet fact page

CIRCOR Industria
CIRCOR Industria is a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves, pressure switches, manifold systems, and self-sealing couplings. CIRCOR Industria fact page

CIRCOR Motors is a leader in fractional horsepower DC motors, gearmotors and brakemotors for over 26 years.
CIRCOR Motors fact page  

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