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Our Commitment to
Lean Manufacturing
CIRCOR Aerospace Products is committed to Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing by ensuring that our processes are re-designed to minimize waste and drive efficiency. This focus on a long term lean journey ensures we can continue to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers.

Our leadership team is instrumental in driving a lean culture and appetite for change in every area of our factories and in every function in our global organization. We have made a firm commitment to become innovators in lean manufacturing and business processes within our Aerospace and Defense core market. All activities are linked to providing customer value through improved levels of technical, quality and delivery service and responsiveness.

Notable achievements include waste reduction and improvements in order entry, engineering product development, machine shop/assembly operations, repair, and logistics. During a five-day Kaizen event conducted at our Aerodyne facility, the team was able to transform the work flow, reduce cycle time by 98%, improve cycle count accuracy and yield numerous safety related enhancements. A strong measurement and accountability system has ensured that these improvements have endured long beyond the initial Kaizen blitz. 


CIRCOR Aerospace has performed a broad range of prototyping and manufacturing services for landing gear systems, actuators, steering damping actuators, valves, manifolds, and components for the aerospace industry. CIRCOR Aerospace’s Quality System is AS9100/ISO9001 Compliant, with both Nadcap and D6-82479 Appendix A approvals. CIRCOR Aerospace is an authorized FAA Repair Station, Certificate Number QWCR710X.

Our in-house manufacturing operations include but are not limited to the following equipment and capabilities:

  • 6 CNC machining centers
  • 16 Milling Machines with the largest table of 30″ × 90″
  • 11 Lathes with the largest swing of 90″ by 144″
  • 3 Radial Drill Presses with the largest work area of 24″ by 72″
  • 3 Hones with a maximum of 5 inch hone diameter
  • 1 Gap Grinding machine
  • 2 Boring mills
  • Extensive Inspection equipment including Cordax CMM & Deltronic Optical Comparator
  • Non-destructive Testing including Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection, Penetrant Inspection
  • 13 Hydraulic / pneumatic test stands
  • 2 Vapor Degreasing units
  • Paint and finish removal utilizing high pressure media blasting
  • Drive through paint booth and cure oven
EADS / Airbus A318 – A321, A340, A380, A350XWB
BOEING A-4, AH-64, C-17, CH-46, CH-47, F-15, F-18, KC-135, P-8, V-22, 727, DC-9, MD-80, 737 - 777
LOCKHEED MARTIN C-130, F-16, F-22, F-35, P-3, SR-71, U-2, F-117, Stardust, Longbow Hellfire, Javelin
NORTHROP GRUMMAN B-2, F-5, T-38, S-2, RQ-4 Global Hawk
USAF Components and assemblies to support many of the aircraft listed above


CIRCOR Aerospace can design and implement customized test programs to address actuation loads, endurance cycling, accelerated life cycle testing, including thermal cycling with temperature ranges from −65°F to +300°F. CIRCOR Aerospace can design and fabricate specialized automated product/assembly test units that collect and plot test result data.

CIRCOR Aerospace can design a customized test program or test unit for your specific product qualification, design validation, and program requirements.

These customized test systems include:

  • Computer generated input drive commands
  • Closed loop servo controlled applied loads
  • Data Acquisition with sampling rates at 200+ per second
  • Real time video data display and disc storage
  • Numerical and graphic data printout

CIRCOR Aerospace has utilized these extensive testing capabilities for Northrop B-2 and Boeing V-22 life cycle/fatigue tests as well as Lockheed Martin’s Dark Star program for design development and validation testing.

To support ongoing production as well as overhaul operations, CIRCOR Aerospace has the following in-house capabilities:

  • 13 Test Stands
  • Hydraulic Test Units 100 to 5000 PSI
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Test Units up to 12,000 PSI
  • Non Destructive Testing which includes Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Full functional testing capabilities for assemblies and components for ongoing production as well as refurbished assemblies
  • Test Fluid Quality Control which assures the consistency of the test media
  • Test capabilities for Skydrol (LD-4, 500B) and MIL 5606/83282 with pressure and flow range of 5000 psi and 88 GPM

CIRCOR Aerospace creates customized test programs for actuation loads, endurance cycling, accelerated life cycle testing and thermal cycling.




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