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CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc. acquired Motor Technology in 2005. Featuring precision fractional horsepower DC motors, gearmotors and brakemotors, CIRCOR Motors has a wide selection of existing designs and can select a motor from its standard line of DC units, or design and build a custom unit to meet unique requirements.

The CIRCOR Motor Product Line specializes in 4 product categories: brushed motors, brushless motors, planetary gearboxes, and brakes. CIRCOR owns a large inventory of proprietary motor designs, making designs perfect for extreme environments:

  • High-slot fill designs for higher than average efficiency;
  • Higher power density in many sizes;
  • Incorporate secondary components, simple integration of gearboxes;
  • Wide range of low volume customizations.

While generally servicing the aerospace/defense and medical fields, CIRCOR Motors products can be found in numerous other applications, including the petroleum, railcar, industrial, instrumentation, robotics, servo, and space industries.


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