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DC to DC Speed Control

Model 700A121/124

For our customers who wish to control the speed of their DC motor with a DC supply, Motor Technology, Inc. offers a user-friendly speed control. The Model 700A121/124 speed control is a compact and exceptionally dependable control that allows speeds as close as ±2% over the full-range of motor performance or as low as ±1% over the mid-range of motor performance.

By simply adjusting the control knob of the potentiometer, motor speeds can be adjusted from 200 rpm to 22,000 rpm and gearmotors can approach speeds as slow as 0.005 rpm, depending on the motor model and the gearbox reduction ratio. If you would rather control the motor speed through a computer, an input of 0-5 VDC can be used as the controlling element instead of the potentiometer.

For our customers who have a DC power supply and like the advantages of the variable speed control on DC motors, the Model 700A121/124 control is an excellent choice.


  • DC Motor Voltage
    12 to 80 vdc
  • DC Motor Current
    10 amps max.
  • DC Motor Speed
    200-22,000 rpm

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