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Pressure Switches
  • membrane, piston or bellows
  • up to 525 bars (7600 psi)
  • Integrated electronics for signal processing and complex functions available
  • Provide very precise, accurate set points
  • Vibration tests pass easily with our unique and robust designs
  • Catalog valves can usually be adapted easily to meet special requirements

Two Ranges of Pressure Switches

Relative Pressure Switches

  • Provide the relative pressure between two points.
    • If both operating pressures are the same, the measuring element cannot move and no pressure will be indicated.
  • Indicated when one pressure is higher or lower.

Absolute Pressure Switches

  • Operate at the same settings above zero pressure despite atmospheric pressure changes
  • Where pressures are measured independently of the natural fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. The pressure of the media to be measured is compared against a reference pressure of absolute zero (absolute vacuum) in a sealed reference chamber.

Three Primary Sensor Technologies

Bellow Pressure Switches: Simple and Light

  • Uses axial deformation of a metallic bellow under the effect of pressure
  • Use controlled by limits of bellows and vibration effects
  • Use only for low and medium pressures

Diaphragm Pressure Switches: Strength and Accuracy

  • Legacy-proven pressure switch
  • Diaphragm deforms under pressure and transmits the movement to a micro-switch via piston
  • Deformation must remain small (0.1 to 0.2 mm) to stay within the elastic envelope of the diaphragm; movement must be amplified
  • Strength comes from diaphragm movement being limited by stationary switch, enabling it to withstand higher pressures

Piston Pressure Switches: A Simple Solution for High Pressures

  • Includes piston with dynamic seals that moves under pressure
  • Withstands very high pressures
  • Performance limited by hysteresis created by the friction of piston seals; mainly at low temperatures

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