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Electromagnetic Parallel and Series Type –
Permanent Magnet Military Quality

To compliment our extensive product line, Motor Technology, Inc. also offers electromagnetic brakes, in a large variety of torques and sizes, that can be used in conjunction with our high-quality motors and gearmotors. Whether it be used to stop a rotating inertia, or used to hold a stationary load, Motor Technology, Inc. application engineers can work with you in selecting the ideal brake design for your application.

Helpful Hint: Brake designs are based upon a large number of factors that are unique to each application. (i.e.: Is a holding or stopping brake required, how much rotational inertia is involved, etc...) Because of this, we encourage you to browse the Application Assistance page and to contact our application engineers for assistance in selecting the right brake for your application.


  • Ø1 1/4" DC Brakemotor
  • Ø1 1/2" DC Fractional HP Brakemotor
  • Ø1 3/4" DC Fractional HP Brakemotor
  • Ø2 1/4" DC Fractional HP Brakemotor
  • Ø2 3/4" DC Fractional HP Brakemotor

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