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CIRCOR Aerospace company Motor Technology Releases Brushless DC Fractional HP Motor

August 21, 2009

August 21, 2009, Dayton, Ohio -- CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc. /Motor Technology, a CIRCOR International company (NYSE: CIR), has completed the design, manufacturing and testing of its first brushless DC fractional HP motor.

Motor Technology’s (MTI) brushless motor design features 6 pole - 18 slot rotor and stator assembly, integral hall effect sensors for feedback to controller, and 3 phase Wye configuration winding. MTI’s brushless motor has advantages over conventional brushed motors and are designed for improved EMI characteristics (eliminating sparking typical of brushed motors with commutators), optimal efficiencies, minimal vibration, minimal mechanical noise, smooth acceleration and continuous duty.

CIRCOR Aerospace/MTI is exploring opportunities for this technology, including EM Actuators, High Performance Blowers, and Motor Operated Valves for use on aircraft and military ground vehicles.

About Motor Technology

Motor Technology is a CIRCOR Aerospace company located in Dayton, OH and designs and manufactures precision fractional horsepower DC motors, gearmotors and brake motors. While generally servicing the aerospace/defense and medical fields, Motor Technology products can be found in numerous other applications, including the petroleum, computer, industrial, instrumentation, robotics, servo, and space industries.

About CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group

The CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group is focused on the design, development, and manufacture of specialty fluidic control, actuation, and aircraft landing gear systems for demanding aerospace and defense applications. CIRCOR Aerospace provides a full range of fluid controls and electro-mechanical controls, actuation systems, manifold assemblies, and complete landing gear systems. CIRCOR Aerospace has business units located in California, Ohio, New York, Paris, Chemille and Pau, France, Tangier, Morocco and Suzhou, China.

CIRCOR International is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts and the CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group is headquartered in Corona, California.

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