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Survival Solutions IVA Model Inflation Valve

IVA Model inflation valve The IVA Model inflation valve is a high-performance, highly reliable, lanyard actuated valve, designed for rapid and consistent inflation of many types of inflatable devices. The Survival Solutions IVA Model is constructed of rugged naval brass and plated with nickel for anti-corrosion purposes. The valve is designed for marine applications. The Survival Solutions IVA-A Model is constructed of lightweight aluminum and hard anodized for durability. This valve is designed for the aviation industry.

The Survival Solutions IVA Model incorporates a modular design. It has available multiple interfacing thread patterns to accept virtually any cylinder on the market today. Further, the IVA Model has numerous outlet connectors available to meet your specific design requirements. The Survival Solutions IVA Model inflation valve is supplied standard with a 360° “free floating” pressure balanced outlet connector. This unique feature allows the use of short hose assemblies and simplifies system plumbing.

Other positive features include single body construction and an isolated charging receptor port. This compact valve assembly will give superior performance in the most severe environmental conditions, including underwater actuation. Each valve assembly is marked with consecutive serial numbers for lifetime traceability.

Many other types of inflation valves are available including Squib Operated, Puncture Zero Leak valves and several very high flow designs.

IVA Model inflation valve

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ICV Inlet Check Valve

These ICVs have features, from low profile with 90° with 360° "free floating" pressure balanced inlet which simplifies system plumbing and helps to prevent hose kinking, and performance designed to prevent "ice up" in carbon dioxide systems.  Model options are available in standard or high flow design.  Other options have direct inlets with either male female fitting for direct connection to inflation valve where limited space is required.  Several inlet thread and interface outlet options are available including bondable neoprene.

Model ICV-3 Model ICV-4 L
Model ICV-A-4HL Model ICV-A-3
Model ICV, CFC -5 Neoprene  

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Pressure Relief Valves

The Survival Solutions Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) is manufactured with durable, lightweight plastic. The Survival Solutions PRV utilizes a unique design that will perform when needed most. The Survival Solutions PRV comes in open and close pressure ranges from .02 PSIG to 10 PSIG and several thread or installation options. Shown are the standard PRV-(X), the high-flow PRV-(X)H, PRV-(X)L, and our PRV-HFF which boasts flows to 70 Cubic Feet per minute.

Model PRV-6 Model PRV-2H
Model PRV-4L Model PRV-HHF

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Topping Off Valves

The Survival Solutions Model TVS and TOV are performance designed to operate in severe cold temperatures with their simple and low cost design exceed where other types fail.

Model TVS-2AC (Aluminum cap) Model TVS-2PC (Plastic cap)
Model TVS-2AC Model TVS-2PC
Model TVS-3 Model TVS-4
Model TVS-3 Model YOV-1L

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Inflate/Deflate Valves

Models are designed for rapid deflation with no tools or required adaptors with just the twist of the top.

Model TVD-2 Model TVD-3
Model TVD-2 Model TVD-3
Model TVD-4 Model TVD-6
Model TVD-4 Model TVD-6

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Universal Flange System

The Survival Solutions Universal Flange System and Accessory Components Package offers a number of significant advantages for the inflatable device manufacturer.

  • Reduced Manufacturing Costs
  • Reducted Inventory Holding Cost
  • Standardization
  • Reduced Repair and Component Replacement Costs
  • Reduced Servicing Turn-Around Time

During the manufacturing process, only the flange itself need be attached to the inflatable device. The various accessory components need not be installed until final assembly. Should a particular component require servicing, it can be easily removed and repaired, or replaced without compromising the flange attachment to inflatable device.

Model RIF-1
Glueable Neoprene Flange (Recessed)
Model RIF-1
Glueable Neoprene Flange (Flush)
Model FIF-1 Model FIF-1
Heat Weldable Urethane Mechanical Clamp Flange

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CylindersExclusive U.S. distributor of “LUXFER” brand cylinders to the inflatable market.  Available in Aluminum and with Composite wrapped Aluminum manufactured in compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation Exemptions .

Liner material is alloy 6061-T6. Foreign approvals from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan are applicable to specific models. Cylinders include testing by an independent inspection agency approved by Associate Director of Operations and Enforcement, U.S. Department of Transportation. Cylinders include commercially cleaned interior and exterior and the standard D.O.T. markings. 

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Custom Hose Assemblies

Hose	Assemblies

  • Model MPH-(X)
    Standard Hose with 5/16" I.D.
  • Many end fitting options available
  • Brass or Aluminum Fittings
  • Special configurations
    (elbows, tees, etc.) available
  • AeroQuip Hose FC372
  • -65 to + 200 F

Hose	Assemblies

  • Mil Spec assemblies available
  • MS 24587-4
  • AeroQuip Hose AE303
  • -65 to +250 F

Hose	Assemblies

  • Extreme flexibility without Kinking
  • Aeroquip AE303 or
  • Gates Hose 5G3H
  • -40 to +212 F

Hose	Assemblies

  • Extreme flexibility SST Teflon lined hose
  • Teleflex Hose
  • -65 to +450 F
  • Covered with black Poly flexible
    tubing to prevent chafing

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Hand Pumps

Pump Bailer

Model HPP Hand Pump/Bailer has been performance designed to operate in severe cold temperatures and with effortless operation when pumping both air and water.

Hose	Assemblies

Model HPP-L has been designed to meet both requirements of hi-flow and compactness.  It will fit in the most smallest of spaces with .8 liters per stroke and has the option of adding a spring which will allow one handed operation in the event of injury. Outlets are available for most applications.

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Service Tools

Used for verifying the proper servicing and testing of an inflation valve
without filling a large cylinder.

  • Model MTC-1: (.750-14 NGS)
  • Model MTC-2: (.875-14 UNF-2B)
  • Model MTC-3: (1.125-12 UNF-2B)
  • Model MTC-5: (1.125-12 UNF-2B)
  • Model MTC-6: (.750-16 UNF-2B)
  • Model MTC-7: (1.312-12 UN-2B)
Miniature Test Cylindar

IVA Valve Miniature Test Cylinder

IVA Valve installation socket
Model VIS-1


Valve Charging Stem
Model VCS-1

Valve Charging Quick Connect
Model VCQ-1


Valve Bleed Down Tool
Model BDT-5

Poppet Removal Tool
Model PRT-1


Retaining Ring Pliers
Model SRP-1 or 2


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Manifolds distribute airflow in large inflation systems.

The Manifolds are available in both nickel plated brass and anodized aluminum with many outlet and mounting configurations. We can custom make a manifold to meet your design specifications.

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Repair Kits

Many other repair kits are available.

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