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Landing Gear Systems
Landing Gear Systems
CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of actuation and landing gear systems and related components. In the landing gear business since 1969 under the Loud Engineering and Manufacturing brand, CIRCOR Aerospace has worked with all the major airframers supporting both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

Major programs include new, fully outfitted landing gear for the CH-47 "Chinook" helicopter, as well as complete repair/remanufactured gear assemblies, overhauled components, and spare parts for the CH-47 & CH-46 helicopters, landing gear products for the V-22, and landing gear components for the F-16. CIRCOR Aerospace also maintains approvals for struts, drag brakes, pistons and full landing gear systems.

CIRCOR Aerospace has a license from Boeing to use certain Boeing proprietary rotorcraft data in manufacturing CH-47 landing gear spare parts, and to support the overhaul and repair of CH-47 landing gears. This allows CIRCOR Aerospace to support the CH-47 fleets around the world.

CAI's engineers have an extensive history of developing actuators for various aircraft systems, including door and landing gear deployment, as well as other specialized actuation applications for mission and flight critical systems.
CAI also excels in overhaul activity, working on a wide range of military aircraft while maintaining its FAA Repair Station Certification (QWCR710X) for support of commercial aircraft.  
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