CIRCOR Aerospace
Fluid Controls Division Products
Motor-operated Valves
By utilizing proven state-of-the-art designs, CIRCOR Aerospace's Motor-operated Valves meet or exceed the demanding requirements of today's high-performance turbine powered aircraft.

The product line includes a full size range of gate valves and a full size range of ball valves, plug, spool, and butterfly valves. The electric motor actuator is designed and manufacturered using well-established methodology to provide a reliable, long cycle life, no maintenance acutator for electrical operation of valve mechanisms.

These valves are qualified in accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-810C and have been test proven to handle 10,000 cycles minimum at a torque of 45 lb/inch (capabilities to 50,000 cycles and greater). Units have been designed and tested in accordance with MIL-V-8608 and MIL-M-8609.

Emission of radio frequency interference has also been controlled. The units have been qualified and can be manufactured to meet the requirements of RTCA Document DO-160A, Category A (equivalent to Boeing Document D6-16050-2, Category 3A). 


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